Welcome to our informational guide to spacecraft subsystems! This page provides an in-depth look at the various critical components that make up a spacecraft, offering detailed descriptions and functions of each subsystem. Each section is designed to give you a clear understanding of the roles these subsystems play in the overall operation and mission success of the spacecraft. To explore further, simply click on the title of any subsystem. This will expand to reveal information about its structure, functionality, and significance. Additionally, you will find specific cybersecurity techniques from the SPARTA framework applicable to each subsystem, along with recommended countermeasures to mitigate potential threats. This integrated approach ensures not only an operational understanding of the spacecraft's components but also emphasizes the importance of securing these subsystems against cyber vulnerabilities. Whether you're looking to understand the propulsion system, communications bus, ADCS, or any other subsystem, our page serves as a vital resource for both technical knowledge and cybersecurity practices.

Spacecraft Functional Decomposition

Spacecraft Bus Spacecraft Payload Docking