Threats to Space Systems

This page contains spacecraft threats, vulnerabilities, and ground-based TTPs. The below generic threat library, as identified in TOR 2021-01333 REV A, was created by interviewing subject matter experts and reviewing many publications for threats, vulnerabilities, requirements, and security principles. Engineers can leverage this generic threat library to help identify likely threats that will drive the security requirements baseline. Space systems will likely have additional threats to consider, but the below depiction is a starting point for generating a security baseline. The below table establishes a library of layer-based threats and vulnerabilities using Aerospace's Defense-in-Depth model. The threats have unique identifiers denoted which have been cross referenced to the SPARTA matrix TTPs as well. This integration provides a method for leveraging the TOR 2021-01333 threat to requirement work within the context of SPARTA TTPs. In addition to the spacecraft information, there is also a table that maps TTPs for the ground segment using the ATT&CK Enterprise matrix. Select the View Threats to Ground button for more information.