The isolate tactic creates logical or physical barriers in a system which reduces opportunities for adversaries to create further accesses.

Informational References


ID Name Description
D3-NI Network Isolation
D3-BDI Broadcast Domain Isolation
D3-DNSAL DNS Allowlisting
D3-DNSDL DNS Denylisting
D3-FRDDL Forward Resolution Domain Denylisting
D3-HDDL Hierarchical Domain Denylisting
D3-HDL Homoglyph Denylisting
D3-FRIDL Forward Resolution IP Denylisting
D3-RRDD Reverse Resolution Domain Denylisting
D3-RRID Reverse Resolution IP Denylisting
D3-ET Encrypted Tunnels
D3-NTF Network Traffic Filtering
D3-ITF Inbound Traffic Filtering
D3-OTF Outbound Traffic Filtering
D3-EI Execution Isolation
D3-EAL Executable Allowlisting
D3-EDL Executable Denylisting
D3-HBPI Hardware-based Process Isolation
D3-IOPR IO Port Restriction
D3-KBPI Kernel-based Process Isolation
D3-MAC Mandatory Access Control
D3-SCF System Call Filtering