The model tactic is used to apply security engineering, vulnerability, threat, and risk analyses to digital systems. This is accomplished by creating and maintaining a common understanding of the systems being defended, the operations on those systems, actors using the systems, and the relationships and interactions between these elements.

Informational References


ID Name Description
D3-AI Asset Inventory
D3-CI Configuration Inventory
D3-DI Data Inventory
D3-SWI Software Inventory
D3-AVE Asset Vulnerability Enumeration
D3-NNI Network Node Inventory
D3-HCI Hardware Component Inventory
D3-NM Network Mapping
D3-LLM Logical Link Mapping
D3-ALLM Active Logical Link Mapping
D3-PLLM Passive Logical Link Mapping
D3-NVA Network Vulnerability Assessment
D3-PLM Physical Link Mapping
D3-APLM Active Physical Link Mapping
D3-PPLM Passive Physical Link Mapping
D3-NTPM Network Traffic Policy Mapping
D3-OAM Operational Activity Mapping
D3-AM Access Modeling
D3-ODM Operational Dependency Mapping
D3-ORA Operational Risk Assessment
D3-OM Organization Mapping
D3-SYSM System Mapping
D3-DEM Data Exchange Mapping
D3-SVCDM Service Dependency Mapping
D3-SYSDM System Dependency Mapping
D3-SYSVA System Vulnerability Assessment