Threat actors may attempt to steal the data that is being gathered, processed, and sent from the victim spacecraft. Many spacecraft have a particular purpose associated with them and the data they gather is deemed mission critical. By attempting to steal this data, the mission, or purpose, of the spacecraft could be lost entirely.

ID: IMP-0006
Related Aerospace Threat IDs:  SV-AC-1 | SV-AC-3 | SV-CF-1 | SV-CF-2 | SV-SP-3 | SV-SP-4
Created: 2022/10/19
Last Modified: 2022/12/08


ID Name Description NIST Rev5
CM0000 Countermeasure Not Identified This technique is a result of utilizing TTPs to create an impact and the applicable countermeasures are associated with the TTPs leveraged to achieve the impact None


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