Obtain Cyber Capabilities: Exploit/Payload

Threat actors may buy, steal, or download exploits and payloads that can be used for future campaigns or to perpetuate other techniques. An exploit/payload takes advantage of a bug or vulnerability in order to cause unintended or unanticipated behavior to occur on the victim spacecraft's hardware, software, and/or subsystems. Rather than develop their own, threat actors may find/modify exploits from online or purchase them from exploit vendors.

ID: RD-0003.01
Sub-technique of:  RD-0003
Notional Risk (H | M | L):  This TTP is not scored
Related Aerospace Threat IDs:  SV-SP-1 | SV-SP-3 | SV-SP-7
Related MITRE ATT&CK TTPs:  T1588 | T1588.005
Related ESA SPACE-SHIELD TTPs:  T2007.005 | T2007.009
Created: 2022/10/19
Last Modified: 2024/02/29


ID Name Description NIST Rev5 D3FEND ISO 27001
CM0009 Threat Intelligence Program A threat intelligence program helps an organization generate their own threat intelligence information and track trends to inform defensive priorities and mitigate risk. Leverage all-source intelligence services or commercial satellite imagery to identify and track adversary infrastructure development/acquisition. Countermeasures for this attack fall outside the scope of the mission in the majority of cases. PM-16 PM-16(1) PM-16(1) RA-10 RA-3 RA-3(2) RA-3(3) SA-3 SA-8 SI-4(24) SR-8 D3-PH D3-AH D3-NM D3-NVA D3-SYSM D3-SYSVA A.5.7 A.5.7 6.1.2 8.2 9.3.2 A.8.8 A.5.7 A.5.2 A.5.8 A.8.25 A.8.31 A.8.27 A.8.28